Nivaria's Top Apps: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Nivaria's Top Apps: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Please feel free to share your favourite apps with us all!

Draw Something: The Top Social and Guessing Game

If like me you visit the App Store often, you’ll have noticed a “little“ app that has enjoyed the top rankings for quite a few weeks: Draw Something, by OMGPOP.

Draw Something is considered the most popular social and guessing app which has hooked millions of users thanks to its simple yet addictive game. It’s definitely hooked me!

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Find out what all the fuss is about ;-)

Draw Something: ‘Ladybug' guess

Draw Something: ‘Fountain' guess

Pinterest: The Coolest Virtual Pinboard

Pinterest is one of the most recent social sites out there which is enjoying an increasing popularity ranking. It lets you share and organise all the beautiful pictures and things you find on the Internet as well as around you! People use pinboards to plan share delicious recipes, plan their weddings, decorate their homes, etc.

The Pinterest app for iPhone is free and you can download it from here. I find that it still needs some improvements though. Whilst the app makes it very simple to publish your own pictures (directly from the camera or your camera roll), we would welcome an easier way to share sites.

All in all, Pinterest is a beautiful platform. Is it for you? Well, the best to find out is to try it out ;-)

Pinterest: User Dashboard

Pinterest: Explore

Here’s one of the boards I’ve created where you can find additional apps for iPhone and iPad.

Happy pinning!

Flipboard: The Maganize Social Media App

Flipboard, a digital social media magazine developed for iPad, is what I can only describe as one of the most amazing apps to browsing the web for news. It aggregates web links shared by your social circle on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc. to then present them in an attractive layout. I could spend hours flicking through pages and pages reading the stuff that interests me the most. It’s all there!

This free app is well designed, functional and very intuitive. It’s no surprise then that it was named Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2010. Since I found out about Flipboard I had the instant feeling that I had come across something really good, but the test was going to be in the use, of course.

Yes, Flipboard has definitely become one of my very top apps for iPad. Are you thinking of giving Flipboard a go?

Let us know what you think ;-)

Flipboard: Fully customisable personal magazine (Image 1)

Flipboard: Well designed, functional pages (Image 2)

Flipboard: Page turn effect (Image 4)


Qrafter: Create and Design Your Own QR Codes

Today I came across Qrafter, a cool app that allows you to scan (free version) and even create your own QR codes (‘Pro Pack’ at £1.99). It’s been developed for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The scanner is VERY fast and lets you scan QR codes even if there isn’t much contrast between the background and the foreground colours (fantastic option if you want to customise your QR codes to give them personal or corporate touch). All QR codes you create can be saved directly to your photo library. You can also email them as PNG and SVG image files and print them* (*only if your device is compatible with AirPrint).

Are you thinking of giving Qrafter a go? Let us know what you think ;-)

Qrafter: Scan with Camera (Image 1)

Qrafter: Create your QR Code - Select Type (Image 2)

Qrafter: Create your QR Code - Customise colours (Image 3)

Qrafter: Your customised QR Code (Image 4)

BeFunky Photo Editor: Edit And Add Cool Effects To Your Pictures

BeFunky is a free photo editing app which allows you to easily edit your pictures directly from your iPhone (and very fast!). Whether you simply want to cut, rotate, etc. or whether you want to show the artist that’s in you by adding the coolest effects to your favourites pictures. Happy with the results? Then share it on Facebook, Flickr, BeFunky or simply save it into your iPhone to share later.

Are you thinking of giving BeFunky a go? Let us know what you think ;-)

BeFunky: Select Image or Take a Picture (Image 1)

BeFunky: Original Picture (Image 2)

BeFunky: Grunge 1 Effect (Image 3)

BeFunky: Sketch Effect and Sharing Options (Image 4)

Ringtone Designer: How To Create Your Own Ringtones For iPhone

You’ve probably landed on this post because you’ve asked yourself the same question: how on earth can I add a custom ringtone on my iPhone???!! The Ringtone Designer app helps you do just that. I must admit that, if I had done a quick research on the App Store from the very beginning, I wouldn’t have ended up spending so much time editing a song to then transfer it to the computer.

Ringtone Designer helps you create your own ringtones using the music stored in your iPhone and iPod so there’s no need to pay to download additional music. The app is very simple to use as the whole ringtone creation process takes though easy steps:

  1. Choose the music you would like to use as your ringtone
  2. Adjust the length from six to thirty seconds
  3. Swipe the audio wave to select a short clip and the ringtone is ready

The app also includes a video showing how to transfer your new ringtone into your iPhone by a simple sync.

Are you thinking of giving Ringtone Designer a go? Let us know what you think ;-)

Ringtone Designer: Choose your music (Image 1)

Ringtone Designer: Edit your ringtone (Image 2)

Ringtone Designer: Creating your ringtone (Image 3)

Ringtone Designer: Saved ringtone available via iTunes (Image 4)

Songify: Make Your Own Songs

With Songify you will be able to create your own music even if you can’t sing at all. Yes, you read right as this app automatically turns speech into music. Simply speak into your device and Songify will use your words to create a song.

You won’t become a Mozart or a Beethoven but this app will definitely create a few laughs among your friends. If you are pleased with your brand new song, you will then be given the option to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email.

TheMarmiteman is a Tumblr user who has already used Songify to create an interesting “love song” dedicated to his passion. For those interested in listening to a sample of what this app will allow you to do, here’s the Marmite love song sample.

Are you thinking of giving Songify a go? Let us know what you think ;-)

Songify: Tap to Record Speech (Image 1)

Songify: Recording (Image 2)

Songify: Share on Facebook, Twitter or via Email (Image 3)

Viber: Free calls and messages

Viber is an app that lets you make free phone calls as well as send free messages to other users who have Viber installed. This app works with your phone number. This means that all friends and family need to do is install the app and you will be ready to go as you will all see each other in your Viber contact list.

I use Viber in my iPhone and this app has definitely become one I use everyday and which it’s saved me lots of money on international phone calls and texting!

Are you thinking of giving Viber a go? Let us know what you think ;-)

Viber icon (bottom-left) (Image 1)

Viber contact list (Image 2)

Viber free text message (Image 3)

Viber free phone calls (Image 4)